Matt Lui bio

Lui Wang Fat Matthew began his training at age 6 under Grandmaster Lei Koc Wa. In the heart of Hong Kong, he spent 5 years learning Bagua, Northern Shaolin and Tai Chi (Wu style).

By the time Matthew Lui was 13 he inherited the secret Lei Family style and began studying Chinese medicine. Becoming a master, the now Sifu Lui won the Hong Kong Martial Arts Championship in weapons, forms and fighting categories.

Sifu Lui has 25+ years of Kung Fu training and teaching experience. He has taught hundreds of students and given classes all over Canada and internationally. Sifu Lui practices and teaches his art in the ancient, traditional way.

Having taught security experts, law enforcement and professional fighters, he has extensive experience in the professional sector. Sifu Lui is passionate about broadening the art's scope and has taught young and old in community centers, youth centers and even in schools.

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Matt Lui photos

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Matt Lui videos

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Matt Lui services offered

Matthew Lui offers private lessons in:

  • kung fu
  • Lei family style
    Northern Shaolin

  • tai chi
  • Wu family style

  • self-defense

Group and family rates are available.

Please contact for more information.

  • 45 minute consulation available
  • 50% non-refundable deposit due before each lesson
  • 24 hour cancellation policy

Matt Lui about kung fu classes

The Martial Art of kung fu has many advantages. It benefits both the body and the mind.

Kung fu utilizes and improves upon each of the five areas of fitness:

  1. muscular strength
  2. muscular endurance
  3. cardiovascular fitness
  4. flexibility
  5. body composition

Bones and other weak areas of the body are strengthened through the use of punching and kicking drills, suicide drills, push-ups, sit-ups, and body conditioning techniques unique to the martial arts.

Kung fu also demands and thus improves upon concentration, discipline, memory, respect and manners.

Matt Lui about tai chi classes

Tai chi is an ideal exercise form for the elderly; however it has vast health benefits for all ages.

Tai chi can help prevent or cure injuries and arthritis. It promotes proper breathing, improves blood flow, and has beneficial effects on the respiratory system.

Tai chi is a non-impact activity that improves bone density, prevents mental deterioration, and improves the memory. With no risk of injury it is the most popular form of relaxing exercise.

Matt Lui about self defense classes

The self defense course offered is designed for both men and women. We teach a number of effective and simple qin na (misplacing/breaking of joints and bones) techniques as well as basic striking techniques.

This course will also improve one’s self-confidence, coordination, and overall health.